Peta-Gaye Vernon LMT MMP
'Therapeutic Massages Enabling, Wellness, Vitality and Rejuvenation'

About the Practitioner


 Peta-Gaye Vernon LMT Medical Massage Therapist has over eight years of massage and wellness experience. A graduate from San Diego's Concorde College  an allied medical community college and fully certified in Vodder's Neck and Face Manual Lymph Drainage from the Dr. Vodder School International. Peta's ongoing massage education also include Chinese Cranial Therapy and a completed certificate in Advanced Medical Massage under the instruction of Shamaya  coupled with workshops in Biotone sponsored spa modalities. Peta is also an avid volunteer massage therapist for community wellness initiatives and has local post marathon massage experience. Peta is thoroughly aware of the growing trend of, corporate wellness; and is your ' go to' for all  your business chair massage events.


Peta has been a substitute teacher's aide for the San Diego School District for over ten years. And also has experience with working with franchises as well as independently. And credits Massage as a successful means of treating and managing wellness and health as seen over the past ten years of being a massage therapist to a wide cross section of clients. Clients whose concerns varied from pre and post surgery, anorexia, heart and chest implants, pre and post natal, anxiety, heaches, lack of range of motion, whiplash, runners, golfers and geriatrics to name a few.


Peta's  approach to massage lies in an understanding of 'most, if not all of the big picture;' Taking into consideration the lymph system, is there edema? Ergonomics how is the body hanging out  for most of the time? In what posture? The myofascial system? Deeper is not always most effective all at once. Laughter? No explanation needed here-when you relax or even fake laugh the mind will be tricked'i into relaxing;then muscles follow. Dystopia? Where it hurts is not necessarily where the problem lies.And above all BREATH? Definitely no explanation needed here either- holding one's breath will only make tension worse so one must learn how keep breathing (watch reminders optional LOL).

On the philosphy of massage, Peta believes in first being the end result- RELAXATION! She also believes that her clients have relaxation in themselves all along. Therein lies the adage or chinese proverb- I AM RELAXATION to that Peta says' Yes You Are.'

Peta hopes to one day volunteer at the Olympics.



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